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Sleep Song from Meditative Story is a bedtime experience born out of the love among the community for our podcast’s original music. The unforgettable, immersive melodies from each Meditative Story episode become a custom soundtrack to settle your mind, allowing you to wind down. As you shift into sleep, Sleep Song transitions from detailed, episode-inspired story songs into more abstract musical washes and tones that drift in and out of focus — becoming a dream score.

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What listeners say about Sleep Song

Revisiting the music from the episodes in the first ten minutes is a nice way to revisit the stories, then the ambient music of the remaining hour lulls me to sleep.

Seriously the soundest night's sleep I ever had last night.

This has replaced my Eno records as my go-to method for falling asleep.

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Inspired by “Finding happiness amid the ordinary collisions of life” by Sam Harris

As the Sleep Song begins, you’ll hear a searching, questioning synth line playing over a wash of tones, resolving into a chorus of human voice. Smooth electronic sounds blend with curious woodwind, harp and pizzicato string passages that disperse, recombine and settle again. As the music evolves, the tones become quieter, rounder, contemplative. Music by Ryan Holladay.