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Change From Within

Salesforce is the perfect partner for Meditative Story because of their devotion to storytelling as a platform for change, and culture of offering mindfulness practices for its 40,000 person team. WaitWhat, Thrive and Salesforce all aim to improve people’s lives, and in doing so, mirror the kind of world we want to live in. 

In each episode, Salesforce introduces a concept about creating change from within themselves in ways that can cascade out to the world. Each concept is then accompanied by an unexpected micro-step – a simple action – that invites you to begin to bring about that change today.


Mindfulness about the people around you creates space for trust and connection. How often do you move through your day without that awareness? 

Making a Small

Change can be big or even epic – but even a more modest change can have powerful effects.


Practice: seek out a long view — and let that perspective free you from self-restrictions you feel in that moment.

Growing the

Combat your natural negativity bias by emphasizing positive qualities. Lean into a pleasant experience and see how your outlook changes.