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What kindness means to us

The Meditative Story team shares an immersive exploration of the ways kindness can show up in all of our lives, featuring contributions from our community.

Mindfulness, delivered
Your weekly reminder to take time to calm, center and recharge.
Meditative Story combines stories with meditation prompts — all surrounded by cinematic music.
Stories About Finding Meaning
A Sense of Serenity

This 5-part email series will help you cultivate presence, find daily mindfulness, and reduce day-to-day stress. Just like Meditative Story, this experience is completely free.

Every episode is centered around a wellness topic for listeners to take into their daily lives.
Meet Your Meditative Story Host

Rohan Gunatillake is the host of Meditative Story. By artfully crafting meditations to compliment each guest’s story, Rohan blends mindfulness with narrative to create a unique listening experience.

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Meditative Story Presents...
Sleep Song
A companion to our stories

Created by our in-house composers, Sleep Song is designed to help you enter a relaxed state, conducive to a good night’s rest.

Our notable storytellers share their experiences as an alternative way into a mindfulness practice.
Storytellers: A Sense of Serenity