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Meditative Story
Relaxing blankets and moon

Sleep Song

A companion to our stories

Created by our in-house composers, Sleep Song is designed to help you enter a relaxed state, conducive to a good night’s rest.

Sleep Song

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About Sleep Song
A pair of ear buds
A Meditative Story companion
Born out of the intense community love for our original Meditative Story music, Sleep Song focuses on the immersive melodies from each episode to create a custom soundtrack designed to help you wind down.
A piano
Journey to sleep through melody
As you relax into the music, Sleep Song transitions from detailed, episode-inspired story songs into more abstract musical washes and tones that drift in and out of focus — becoming your personal dream score.
Enrich your mindfulness practices
Sleep Song is a wonderful complement to studying, journaling, painting, yoga, or any mindfulness practice you can dream of.
What listeners say about Sleep Song
“Sleep Song’s beautiful music is the perfect transition to calm my busyness after an active day.”
— Sleep Song listener
“Revisiting the music from the episodes in the first ten minutes is a nice way to revisit the stories, then the ambient music of the remaining hour lulls me to sleep.”
— Sleep Song listener
“Seriously the soundest night’s sleep I ever had last night.”
— Sleep Song listener
Our Music
Our Music
The stories shared by our guests are imbued and elevated with vibrant color through hand-crafted music and sound design. With a sonic palette ranging from lush string orchestration to modular synthesis and ambient soundscapes, Ryan Holladay and Eduardo Rivera have created a signature, immersive musical sound.