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Meditative Story

Rohan Gunatillake

Meditative Story host

Rohan Gunatillake is the host of Meditative Story. By artfully crafting meditations to compliment each guest’s story, Rohan blends mindfulness with narrative to create a unique listening experience, encouraging listeners to use someone else’s transformative moment as the basis for their own.

He’s also the founder of the best-selling app buddhify, and author of Modern Mindfulness: How to Be More Relaxed, Focused, and Kind While Living in a Fast, Digital, Always-On World.

Their Stories

This April Fool’s Day, Rohan embraces the sense of play that exists in all of us, designing a unique meditation to foster a feeling of alertness on this day of pranks.


In honor of International Women’s Day, Rohan relates the story of a woman who unknowingly helped shape the course of his life — Gaia House co-founder Christina Feldman.


Join Rohan in this guided meditation about the nature of time, and how to embrace the fact that time, at its core, means change.


Rohan guides us through three tools that can help us build our practice of finding steadiness and stability.