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Meditative Story

Rohan Gunatillake

Meditative Story host

Rohan Gunatillake is the host of Meditative Story. By artfully crafting meditations to compliment each guest’s story, Rohan blends mindfulness with narrative to create a unique listening experience, encouraging listeners to use someone else’s transformative moment as the basis for their own.

He’s also the founder of the best-selling app buddhify, and author of Modern Mindfulness: How to Be More Relaxed, Focused, and Kind While Living in a Fast, Digital, Always-On World.

Their Stories

In celebration of World Kindness Day, Rohan shares a simple and enriching meditation centered on the idea of performing small acts of kindness.


Rohan offers a ‘trick or treat’ meditation designed to quiet our minds and help us drop into our bodies.


What might we learn from the wisdom of a centenarian? Join Rohan for this guided meditation inspired by a family member’s 100th birthday.


As he helps his youngest child prepare for her first day of school, Rohan offers us all a chance to practice three unique approaches to learning.