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Meditative Story

Where the water takes me

Donald Miralle, Photographer

Twenty-four long miles into a grueling paddleboard competition, photographer Donald Miralle sights the buoy that tells him he’s just a few miles from home. But what should offer a sense of relief provokes a feeling of dread. His body shuts down, his muscles refuse to work, his motivation dwindles. With nothing left to summon, he is desperate to quit. That’s when Donald spots a shadow in the water: a massive, majestic blue whale, serenely passing beneath his board. The rare sighting inspires awe in Donald, and an acceptance of forces beyond his control — the wind, the waves, the tide and the whale. With restored confidence, Donald moves through his fear by leaning into the training that has prepared him for moments like this. And makes his way to shore. Photo credit: Dold Miralle, Brandon Magnus.


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